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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mister Tim

Last night, I went to Dad's show. After scouts, i had to re-get my shoes on and hurry over there. I was allowed to take two Animorphs library books, provided i didn't lose them, and read them while they set up. It was kind of cool, really. I was surprised when Claire (one of my classmates at church) showed up, and before Dad performed, we got to see Thom Wall, a juggler, juggle some knives and then balance one with red ribbons taped to it (he wanted us to pretend it was on fire) on his chin after cutting a carrot on it and at the same time, play an electric ukulele after explaining that "ukulele" meant "silly little guitar-like instrument made entirely of knives!" and cutting another carrot on the ukulele. It was really funny. Then at last, Dad came onstage. He started by singing something i can't remember, followed immediately by "Zombies", which, unfortunately, didn't use the siren up at the ceiling. Then i can't remember a rather large chunk, but eventually he started singing "Horticulture," and then "There must be something more to this" (i don't know the real name) and then "Hawaii", in that very order, and i saw a connection in the order. During question time, i inquired if it was just a coincidence that the order was there. He said yes. After question time, it was requests. I requested something lyricless, like video game music. He didn't do video game, but it was still lyricless. After that, he sang a few songs, and the show ended. I got to help him pack up and leave, and that was the end of the show. By the way, Dad also got a Thom card (With his name, address, email adress, phone number, picture of him with a ball on his head, etc.)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been playing outside with Anda and Dan recently, playing an imagination game called the "Doppelgämer," a pun on doppelgänger and game. Today, we got distracted, went inside for something, and forgot. When i came out again, Anda and Dan were playing with a frisbee. I quickly joined in, and then we had a blast. We improved our skills, invented new moves, like the Starball, where a frisbee bounces off something and continues flying, and played a little activity. After that we went in and i wrote this blogpost.

In unrelated news, i have recently discovered that eggs, except for the shells, are cells.

Monday, June 28, 2010


So, last week, Thursday or Friday, there was this partial lunar eclipse. It looked like the top of the moon was slowly vanishing, and we stayed out to watch, accompanied by Athena, the black-and-white cat that lives at Grandma's house. We changed positions occasionally, finally choosing the dirt-field. We stayed out a while, then went back in.

Monday, May 31, 2010

This...has be...the coolest...experience i've...ever had....

Okay, today was neat. There was a recent car crash. Mom heard two crashes in a row and ran out to see what was going on...and so did all the neighbors. We ran outside to the backyard to watch while Mom got halfway up the block and was obstructed by a tree. It had been crashed by a car that had been racing with another one up our street. The car had tipped over and knocked over the tree and got badly smashed up. The other, unhurt car got away and mom thinks it's red, but someone else thought it was yella. The guy next door crossed the tree first and warned the girls not to come across. Several of them looked across, but all they saw was a crunched up car.
Mom says that it was so crunched up that she "couldn't tell if it was upside down or not." All this time, we had been watching, but we didn't see it; Mom told me. We did notice, however, that a lotta police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances were gathering. And that they were blinding. Then she came back in, seriously depressed, because she thought the driver and passenger were dead. Then mom went out again 2 check on T neighbors, told the police and the witness that the witness could park in our driveway, someone else came up and she let it park in our driveway, he went through the shrubbree to his mom's house, where the car had crashed the tree, she came back in and told us that we could come out and watch under that big pine tree in the front yard. I went out with the others, but got poked in the feet about 1 1/2 yards towards it, so i went back in and got my shoes on. When i was going outside, i was interrupted by mom, who said a helicopter was gonna land almost right in front of our house. It did, and we changed peeking windows multiple times, finally settling on the one in my bedroom. When it landed, me and Anda were in her bedroom, then we switched multiple times, finally my room. Eventually it took off and we came outside. We watched for a while, then a neighbor lent us her blankets. We watched longer, then detectives started taking pictures around the scene, and so did a newsman. The police had put up police tape, where the newsman was behind. Eventually, a special truck showed up and shone a light on the road, helping them examine the skid marks.  We watched for a long time, then mom pointed out the car fluid that was spilled on the road, then we watched longer, then we went in, but not before a policeman had given Benji some of the police tape. We waited for Dan's moment of delight when a tow truck would get the car that had been crushed like an eggshell. It came, and it ended up being the epic-est experience i've ever had, not counting the time when i was the one on the hospital bed thing. Afterwards, the police cars lingered for a while, then they went away. This is a shorter post than i expected it.
Edit: On the other hand, this is the longest post on my blog as of August 8, 2011.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


It turns out that it was completely useless doing that "RPG Maker XP XP-ired" thing. Why? Because yesterday, mom helped me register it, as well as Game Maker version 8. Game Maker has no day limit, but it has a feature limit if it's unregistered. Now all the features are unlocked--triggers, particle effects, rotating sprites through objects, even gradients! RPG Maker always had all its features, but had a 30-day use limit. If anybody wants to try my Mario fangame, visit Watch out, there's lots of other Mario fangames!
PS: In completely unrelated news, i have recently acquired a new scar.
Edit: You can't actually find it on YoyoGames yet. Email me if you want it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something interesting

So the "Something interesting" thing has been used again. I think i will make it a feature on my blog. Anyway, we recently started hearing fire truck noises. They were not getting quieter or louder, so i was sent out into the yard to investigate. It was coming from the corner of the yard and moving toward the side of the yard, and then the road in front of us's house. The lights got brighter and brighter until a ladder truck raced from the right to the left. That one was weird because the sounds stopped as soon as it passed the house. Mom said it must have been a nearby emergency. Eventually, the fire truck emerged again. Then it emerged again with an ambulace, but i missed it. We are assuming that it was a rescue from something tall. On a side note, i can't work on The Campout anymore, the free trial of RPG Maker XP XP-ired.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thunder and lightning, we all stand up!

Big thunderstorm going on right now. There's some thunder that struck when i started typing this sentence. Soaking outside right now. All the computers are off right now except mom's, just so the phone could work. I'm typing on mom's computer to type this blogpost and then work on The Campout. Hold on, a patch of blue sky is visible, but mom says the storm will be back. Well, it was fun watching. It, the storm, is still visible. I think i saw another lightninging. Is that a word?
Edit: I forgot to add a tittle.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Something interesting

Dang, it's been so long since i updated my blog--over a month, probably! Well, i'm working on an RPG Maker XP game called "The Campout." It has an overworld system where one playable character is visible on 2-D scenery, and they can interact with various NPCs (Non-playable characters). Take a look at this.
There's also a menu system, slightly edited, where you select things and bring up submenus:
And a battle system, almost fully customized and fully animated, where you select an action for all the characters and then they do it in order:
All code for customization is made by someone at Save-Point, or else myself
Download the demo at the Official Website here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A page of ideas for a webcomic

Hey there, ive just created a webpage for ideas for my webcomic. The name of the comic is "the fall of the mighty Isode". You can find the webpage in my sidebar. By the way, i made the page in Google Docs. you can do that.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Science experiment

This is an easy-to-do science experiment. You will only need an ordinary pair of fingernail clippers. Science experiments always have a question and an answer. This time, the question is "does a pair of clippers', uh, thing...
Does it do a complete rotation if flipped over halfway through?" We'll find out with my little experiment i threw together. Here's the directions.
Move the little thing like this. 
Flip it over.
Repeat step 1.
The conclusion might seem like "no," but it's actually yes. One side makes half a rotation, then it flips over and completes the rotation while the other side makes another half-rotation.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Massive ice blizzard

This monday, there was a massive snowhailstorm. Not sure if anybody out of Longmont got caught up in it, but it was huge and i stepped on the ice like Anda, who claims she caused the hailstorm. Here's some photos for proof that it's not a late April fools joke.

Front doormat.
I took a few samples (two, in fact) and put them in the freezer.
Oh yeah, there's also my easter eggs that i decor8ed. This one has a bird on it.
The rest of the egg was just plain pink.
Check this green one out. I put as many round shapes on it as i could.
My attempt at a 3-D mountain tip with a crayon. Kinda blurry.
A leaf. I put it on 'cause it's round, but it's actually fitting for Easter.
A few swirlies on the bottom.
Peanut shape. Round.
Blue egg. There were six dyes and five eggs for each of us, and i stained this one orange-ish too for all dyes.

Triangular hole on the bottom of it.
Last shot of it.
Pink one with blue stain.

Yellow egg with purple stain.
Blue stain on this side.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

π day

Ya know what that symbol is? It's called pi. Not pie, pi. It's an infinite number starting with 3.14, pronounced three point one four.  Notice the date this post was made: the fourteenth of March, aka 3/14. If pi day is a real holiday, that's today! However, i had to switch my post title font to times for the symbol to come out how i wanted it. Cool, huh? Probably.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going bowling

Every Tuesday, I go to Cub Scouts. Every Scouts day, we do some fun activity. It might be Badminton with baloons, Hot Potato with Valentine candy, or Jousting with metal rods with blue and gold stripes and a load of cotton with a sock over it for the ends, and the horses are little platforms that rock like a rocking chair, but in all directions. Well, today, there were no replacements. Yep, now we get onto the post's subject: bowling! Yep, today, scouts was entirely going bowling! There were various balls, each with its weight  written on its side! Mom told me to pick the lightest ball i could find, and sister Mosness helped me find a six-pound ball (like in Curious George) and halfway through, her son Brandon joined! I also liked the funny animation that played if you got a specific score (like Split resulted in some dude throwing a bowling ball, which then smashed through the wall, creating a split in the pins, which then laugh at the dude (they were alive)), and we wore red-and-yellow shoes. It was FANTABULOUS! See you next post!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The dastardly dopplegangers

Dear readers,
I just made a new blog! It's name is...This post's title! The dastardly dopplegangers! (I don't know how to spell dopplegangers, but i've got a pretty good idea.) It's all fiction, though,  so if you want fact, stick to this.
Edit: Now you can quick access it with the text gadget i applied.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super Mario fan games galay!

Yes, i told you to expect my next post to be about a magic show, but i haven't been able to get around to it.
So, i'm blogging about something else: Mario fan games galaxy! It's, like, the ultimate source of Mario sprites that i use! I use them for all kinds of Mario-related stuff (like my Mario fangame) And i also use it for concept art!
I don't have an account, but i can look on other people's accounts! (For example, A.J. Nitro. He has all sorts of sprites stored in Portable Network Graphic (PNG) and Bitmap (BMP) formats. But only sprites.) By the way, do not click on anything made by Mageker or CyberwolvJV. They will be in quicktime and you won't be able to use them. Update: I just discovered the secret to using Mageker and CyberwolfJV's sprites: if you have an outdated version of quicktime, it'll open as PNG.
Update again: I discovered the real way to fix it--don't use Google Chrome.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You got a TV!

Or rather, we got a TV. Yes, we now have a new silver TV to play Nintendo on! And it comes with a built-in DVD player! We use it to watch Cinderella III: A twist in time (but we use WinDVD to watch Robots), as well as play the three games that still work (Pikmin 1's broke)! By the way, I've just started planning a magic show. Expect my next post to be about how it went.