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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

grandma's house again!

we're at grandma's house again for thanksgiving! luckily, grandma's already prepared a thanksgiving feast! on tuesday, beth-el came over to visit, and oh what fun we had! we jumed in leaf piles because it was fall on tuesday. we even attempted to get a boost by jumping off moving swings! we also gathered eggs. luckily, the chickens lay SIX eggs every day! they might each lay six eggs, they might each lay one, or two might each lay three. well, whatever, we get a lot of free eggs from SIX chickens! plus, one of the days, uncle jon might teach me how to use avid! or avidemux. or mux. or whatever you want to call it. well, whatever, last thing to say is that i sure knnow that i am sure going to have a great time!