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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Green Pikmin

green pikmin can do anything. they are so big, but you can throw them. but if they land on an enemy it will die. if they hear a pikmin flailing in the water they will run into the water, grab the pikmin & throw him to shore.

Ranging jellyfloat

the ranging jellyfloat is a boss in the "pikmin 3" game. it is in the dream emergence, a mix of emergence cave and dream den. you must have green pikmin to kill it, like the "beady bin", a mix of toy bin and beady long legs. there is no category. dream emergence is the first cave that you will find in perplexing wood, a mix of perplexing pool & awakening wood. anyway, this jellyfloat is striped. green pikmin are in another article. it is a mix of ranging bloyster & greater spotted jellyfloat.

Dream emergence

the dream emergence, or den, is the first cave in perplexing wood, or pool. man, the boss is on every sublevel. and who`s the boss? the ranging jellyfloat himself! he`s in the ground first, but when you throw pikmin on him, he springs out & swishes himself off. he`s only in pikmin 3. he sucks up all your pikmin excluding green ones at once.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


sometimes, me, dad and mom play battleship (there`s a photo of it up above.) together. me
`n dad are a team. if you want one, just right click on the image and save it to your desktop. if you have a printer hooked up, you can print it.