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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mister Tim

Last night, I went to Dad's show. After scouts, i had to re-get my shoes on and hurry over there. I was allowed to take two Animorphs library books, provided i didn't lose them, and read them while they set up. It was kind of cool, really. I was surprised when Claire (one of my classmates at church) showed up, and before Dad performed, we got to see Thom Wall, a juggler, juggle some knives and then balance one with red ribbons taped to it (he wanted us to pretend it was on fire) on his chin after cutting a carrot on it and at the same time, play an electric ukulele after explaining that "ukulele" meant "silly little guitar-like instrument made entirely of knives!" and cutting another carrot on the ukulele. It was really funny. Then at last, Dad came onstage. He started by singing something i can't remember, followed immediately by "Zombies", which, unfortunately, didn't use the siren up at the ceiling. Then i can't remember a rather large chunk, but eventually he started singing "Horticulture," and then "There must be something more to this" (i don't know the real name) and then "Hawaii", in that very order, and i saw a connection in the order. During question time, i inquired if it was just a coincidence that the order was there. He said yes. After question time, it was requests. I requested something lyricless, like video game music. He didn't do video game, but it was still lyricless. After that, he sang a few songs, and the show ended. I got to help him pack up and leave, and that was the end of the show. By the way, Dad also got a Thom card (With his name, address, email adress, phone number, picture of him with a ball on his head, etc.)