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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A page of ideas for a webcomic

Hey there, ive just created a webpage for ideas for my webcomic. The name of the comic is "the fall of the mighty Isode". You can find the webpage in my sidebar. By the way, i made the page in Google Docs. you can do that.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Science experiment

This is an easy-to-do science experiment. You will only need an ordinary pair of fingernail clippers. Science experiments always have a question and an answer. This time, the question is "does a pair of clippers', uh, thing...
Does it do a complete rotation if flipped over halfway through?" We'll find out with my little experiment i threw together. Here's the directions.
Move the little thing like this. 
Flip it over.
Repeat step 1.
The conclusion might seem like "no," but it's actually yes. One side makes half a rotation, then it flips over and completes the rotation while the other side makes another half-rotation.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Massive ice blizzard

This monday, there was a massive snowhailstorm. Not sure if anybody out of Longmont got caught up in it, but it was huge and i stepped on the ice like Anda, who claims she caused the hailstorm. Here's some photos for proof that it's not a late April fools joke.

Front doormat.
I took a few samples (two, in fact) and put them in the freezer.
Oh yeah, there's also my easter eggs that i decor8ed. This one has a bird on it.
The rest of the egg was just plain pink.
Check this green one out. I put as many round shapes on it as i could.
My attempt at a 3-D mountain tip with a crayon. Kinda blurry.
A leaf. I put it on 'cause it's round, but it's actually fitting for Easter.
A few swirlies on the bottom.
Peanut shape. Round.
Blue egg. There were six dyes and five eggs for each of us, and i stained this one orange-ish too for all dyes.

Triangular hole on the bottom of it.
Last shot of it.
Pink one with blue stain.

Yellow egg with purple stain.
Blue stain on this side.