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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to Wyoming

Yesterday, we went to Wyoming. Dad was doing a show. We stayed in a hotel called Hilton Garden, and we watched Dad's show. It was awesome. Dad performed at the old Laramie High School building, and afterwards we did some exploration. There was a cool upstairs, and a REALLY cool gym. It was full of darkness, and Anda pretended she was a ghost griffin! I also came up with this really cool intro to a story.
Hiding in shadow, the Masters of Dark and Evil have waited for many centuries to begin their conquest of the world. Day by day, they consume the souls of the innocent and grow stronger with each one. The only one fabled to be able to defeat them is the legendary Hero of Light, but he has never appeared. To make matters worse, the Dark Masters are beginning their conquest. When will the hero appear, what form will he take, and most importantly, can he stop the Dark Masters?
Afterwards, we checked out the building a little more, and then we went to the store, bought some stuff, came back to the hotel, and went to bed. The next morning, we went swimming. We swam for two hours straight before we had to leave Wyoming, and now we're back in Longmont and I feel like my eyes need to either puke or blow up.