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Monday, November 30, 2009

Uno--the kid-friendly family card game

 Haihai! About an hour ago, me, Mom, and Anda (heh heh) started playing Uno. Earlier, we had played Phase ten--not so good for kids. On the other hand, Uno=child-friendly. Oh man, was it fun. We couldn't stop! We pretended there was a magic charm. Whoever had it won. Incantation for self-charm: "I will try my hardest to win this game, in all that i see and do!" Incantation for charming others: "I will help you out on this card game, if it's the last thing i do on it!" Man, we could do sneaky moves, like abrupt color changes. (Color box: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green.)
Also secret weapons!
(Weapons: wild card (lets you choose the new color on the color box), draw four wild (same as wild card except the next player has to draw four their turn), draw two (next player draws two for their turn), reverse (Reverses order of playing), and skip (Skips next player in the line's turn). We strategically placed our cards to emerge victorious.
In love with Uno,

Monday, November 23, 2009

The awe of vitamin pills

Yo there! About a week ago, Sunday night, I learned how to swallow pills whole! At first I needed a cup of water, but a few days later I was able to do it without the water! Bye!
PS: The first time, I chewed my sour white vitamin C. It tasted horrible! The next night I swallowed it with the water, the next night we switched to chewable vitamin Cs that taste like candy. A few nights later, here I am, able to swallow the small one whole and without water, and chew my vitamin C.
PPS: The small one is vitamin B. It gives me neon-colored pee.
PPPS: Heh, I made a rhyme. Dad's back.