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Monday, August 8, 2011

Amusementine Parque

Today we went to an amusement park. It was called Lakeside, and there were so many crazily-fun rides that you'd probably faint if you went to nine other amusement parks that day. There were two zones: The Kiddie Zone, and the personally-named Unkiddie Zone. The kiddie zone had a tiny ferris wheel that i wasn't allowed on because i was too tall, a crazily-scary, crazily-fun roller coaster, and tons and tons of spinny rides, including, but not only, a turtle thing with two bumps at the far side.
The Unkiddie Zone was where the really fun stuff was. There was a big ferris wheel, which we rode, a Bumper cars thing with boats, which we wanted to ride but didn't have enough time to ride, a tough maze that you had to navigate while avoiding see-through plastic walls  (I called it the Castle of Illusion several times), which we navigated, and a crazy thing called the Huricane where you spin around really fast in a wooden airplane model, which we rode. It was so fun, and i wish we could have stayed for longer.
In short, amusement parks are good at their job. I highly recommend that you go to one at least once in your life.