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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Worms All Around

Today I unearthed a worm in my peach. It was like one inch long (aka an Inchworm) and it was crawling all around my peach, and Mom said it was lucky I didn't find half a worm, because it would have mean I'd eaten the other half. Ew. She also said that it's rare to find a worm in a storebought peach. I let the worm go outside by blowing it off, and afterwards I threw my peach away, because it's very unnerving to get a worm in your peach.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Did I Just SAY That?

Today i asked mom:
"What's donut divided by Pi minus nine-thousand-and one plus two minus the possibility of an earthquake shattering a donut into two perfect halves?"
Now THAT'S a brain buster for all you math madmen out there!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Amusementine Parque

Today we went to an amusement park. It was called Lakeside, and there were so many crazily-fun rides that you'd probably faint if you went to nine other amusement parks that day. There were two zones: The Kiddie Zone, and the personally-named Unkiddie Zone. The kiddie zone had a tiny ferris wheel that i wasn't allowed on because i was too tall, a crazily-scary, crazily-fun roller coaster, and tons and tons of spinny rides, including, but not only, a turtle thing with two bumps at the far side.
The Unkiddie Zone was where the really fun stuff was. There was a big ferris wheel, which we rode, a Bumper cars thing with boats, which we wanted to ride but didn't have enough time to ride, a tough maze that you had to navigate while avoiding see-through plastic walls  (I called it the Castle of Illusion several times), which we navigated, and a crazy thing called the Huricane where you spin around really fast in a wooden airplane model, which we rode. It was so fun, and i wish we could have stayed for longer.
In short, amusement parks are good at their job. I highly recommend that you go to one at least once in your life.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to Wyoming

Yesterday, we went to Wyoming. Dad was doing a show. We stayed in a hotel called Hilton Garden, and we watched Dad's show. It was awesome. Dad performed at the old Laramie High School building, and afterwards we did some exploration. There was a cool upstairs, and a REALLY cool gym. It was full of darkness, and Anda pretended she was a ghost griffin! I also came up with this really cool intro to a story.
Hiding in shadow, the Masters of Dark and Evil have waited for many centuries to begin their conquest of the world. Day by day, they consume the souls of the innocent and grow stronger with each one. The only one fabled to be able to defeat them is the legendary Hero of Light, but he has never appeared. To make matters worse, the Dark Masters are beginning their conquest. When will the hero appear, what form will he take, and most importantly, can he stop the Dark Masters?
Afterwards, we checked out the building a little more, and then we went to the store, bought some stuff, came back to the hotel, and went to bed. The next morning, we went swimming. We swam for two hours straight before we had to leave Wyoming, and now we're back in Longmont and I feel like my eyes need to either puke or blow up.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Did I Just Read That?

On a therapeutic ice pack:
Reduces hemorrhaging, Muscle Spasms and Pain Promotes Faster Recovery
That's weird...when I'm sick, hurting usually doesn't either mean I'm getting better or happen.
Plus i don't know what hemorrhaging is.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Tonight, Mom told us about how scientists discovered that bacteria feeding on sewage create electricity. She said that it also could clean up a lot of pollution, because they eat rotty stuff. We immediately thought about trash powered cars--"More energy-efficiency in exchange for a stinkier fuel tank!"--and Mom explained how it would have a better by-product, water. The possibilities are nearly infinite...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today, all i have to do for school is a Compare/Contrast paragraph about Mickey's Christmas Carol and the original, the movie version of Around the World in 80 Days, and the game version of Around the World in 80 Days. I'm doing the Comp/Cont thing on my blog...Here 'Tis.
Mickey's Christmas Carol is similar to the original. One way it's similar is that the plot and characters are basically the same. Some of the lines are also mostly unchanged. Marley's chains are also still made of odd things (though not the same.) However, like most story-to-movie adaptions, there were changes--The most obvious is the characters. They look like Disney characters. Also, it's considerably funnier (For example, instead of just "Merry Christmas," Bob Cratchit says "And a Bah, Humbug--I mean, a Merry Christmas to you, Scrooge.")
Scrooge is slightly nicer and barely survives his encounter with the Ghost of Christmas Future, who actually has some lines of dialogue. Mickey's Christmas Carol is certainly similar to the original, but there are many differences as well.
How do you like it?

Did I Just Read That?

Today on my school, i found this gaping error:
President Lincoln's blockade strategy forced the quickly formed Federal navy, which included converted yachts and ferry boats in its fleet, to patrol more than 3,500 miles of coast. To simplify this task, navel ships concentrated on blocking a few key ports.
Innie or outie?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Benji Says,

Today, around the end of dinner, Benji and Dad were playing Hi-five. instead of the usual stuff, he said...
Gimme five. On the side! Up high! On the another side! Down low! Too slow!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did I just read that?

When i was doing school today, I discovered this humorous line in a lesson about electricity :
Electricity can be dangerous to humans and other people.
I didn't know there was a guy named Humans!
Here's the link:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Did I Just Read That?

Today, Anda asked how to install Java onto my new laptop. When she Googled the manual to try to find out how, we found this sentence:
Some Java applications may experience problems or worse problems under other JREs.
So what's the difference between a problem and a worse problem?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Destination Imaginaton

Today, I had to go to a school somewhere far from Longmont for my Destination Imagination Competition. I went with my team members Anastasia Damick and Kaiya Hirai, with Kaiya's mom. When we got there, we had to wait a while for Emily Taft and Jazz Mueller, my other two team members, to get there. Then we had to wait a bit, and then we had to do an Instant Challenge, a quick challenge that took a short time. I'm not allowed to talk about it until the end of July, and all I can tell you is this: It was fun, and we had to do something. After July, I'll edit to include details. Then we got taken into the "Break out" room, where we got to wait. We also got free pencils and rubber eraser-coverers (and maybe erasers) that were made to look like small milk bottles. Then we went to the gym in the audience part to do a little preparation and watch one of the performances. Then we went to get our structure tested, and it was perfect except the popsicle sticks, which were an eighth of an inch to large, so we had to clip the sticks with pliers and remove the unneeded wood with a pocketknify-thing. Then we tested again, and it passed. Then later we went on, and did our skit. It's about an alien who tries to take over the world, and is foiled by getting flung into the sun. We did it perfectly, and Kaiya had to add weights to the structure after her role as the hiker. We finished with ten seconds left. Afterwards, we left, and on the way home, we got ice cream from Sonic. Then when i got home, i went to bed.