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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

book idea!

hey there, readers! i just came up with a great idea for a story a week and three days ago! it came to me through a dream. at first i thought it was a nightmare, but when i woke up, i got the feel that it could be used as a story called "rise of the phoenix." let me give a sneak peek of this story:

one day, this kid named harry got bored of playing outside, so he decided to look for fun elsewhere. after about an hour of searching for somewhere else to play, he said, "i bet there is only one place left to go: the neighbor's yard." he started to climb his brick wall when he noticed something suspicious on a brick. on the wall was a button that looked like part of the brick!

so that is all i am giving! if i wrote any further, this whole book would be on my blog!

i will start to write rise of the phoenix on saturday.