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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something interesting

So the "Something interesting" thing has been used again. I think i will make it a feature on my blog. Anyway, we recently started hearing fire truck noises. They were not getting quieter or louder, so i was sent out into the yard to investigate. It was coming from the corner of the yard and moving toward the side of the yard, and then the road in front of us's house. The lights got brighter and brighter until a ladder truck raced from the right to the left. That one was weird because the sounds stopped as soon as it passed the house. Mom said it must have been a nearby emergency. Eventually, the fire truck emerged again. Then it emerged again with an ambulace, but i missed it. We are assuming that it was a rescue from something tall. On a side note, i can't work on The Campout anymore, the free trial of RPG Maker XP XP-ired.

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