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Monday, May 31, 2010

This...has be...the coolest...experience i've...ever had....

Okay, today was neat. There was a recent car crash. Mom heard two crashes in a row and ran out to see what was going on...and so did all the neighbors. We ran outside to the backyard to watch while Mom got halfway up the block and was obstructed by a tree. It had been crashed by a car that had been racing with another one up our street. The car had tipped over and knocked over the tree and got badly smashed up. The other, unhurt car got away and mom thinks it's red, but someone else thought it was yella. The guy next door crossed the tree first and warned the girls not to come across. Several of them looked across, but all they saw was a crunched up car.
Mom says that it was so crunched up that she "couldn't tell if it was upside down or not." All this time, we had been watching, but we didn't see it; Mom told me. We did notice, however, that a lotta police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances were gathering. And that they were blinding. Then she came back in, seriously depressed, because she thought the driver and passenger were dead. Then mom went out again 2 check on T neighbors, told the police and the witness that the witness could park in our driveway, someone else came up and she let it park in our driveway, he went through the shrubbree to his mom's house, where the car had crashed the tree, she came back in and told us that we could come out and watch under that big pine tree in the front yard. I went out with the others, but got poked in the feet about 1 1/2 yards towards it, so i went back in and got my shoes on. When i was going outside, i was interrupted by mom, who said a helicopter was gonna land almost right in front of our house. It did, and we changed peeking windows multiple times, finally settling on the one in my bedroom. When it landed, me and Anda were in her bedroom, then we switched multiple times, finally my room. Eventually it took off and we came outside. We watched for a while, then a neighbor lent us her blankets. We watched longer, then detectives started taking pictures around the scene, and so did a newsman. The police had put up police tape, where the newsman was behind. Eventually, a special truck showed up and shone a light on the road, helping them examine the skid marks.  We watched for a long time, then mom pointed out the car fluid that was spilled on the road, then we watched longer, then we went in, but not before a policeman had given Benji some of the police tape. We waited for Dan's moment of delight when a tow truck would get the car that had been crushed like an eggshell. It came, and it ended up being the epic-est experience i've ever had, not counting the time when i was the one on the hospital bed thing. Afterwards, the police cars lingered for a while, then they went away. This is a shorter post than i expected it.
Edit: On the other hand, this is the longest post on my blog as of August 8, 2011.

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