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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going bowling

Every Tuesday, I go to Cub Scouts. Every Scouts day, we do some fun activity. It might be Badminton with baloons, Hot Potato with Valentine candy, or Jousting with metal rods with blue and gold stripes and a load of cotton with a sock over it for the ends, and the horses are little platforms that rock like a rocking chair, but in all directions. Well, today, there were no replacements. Yep, now we get onto the post's subject: bowling! Yep, today, scouts was entirely going bowling! There were various balls, each with its weight  written on its side! Mom told me to pick the lightest ball i could find, and sister Mosness helped me find a six-pound ball (like in Curious George) and halfway through, her son Brandon joined! I also liked the funny animation that played if you got a specific score (like Split resulted in some dude throwing a bowling ball, which then smashed through the wall, creating a split in the pins, which then laugh at the dude (they were alive)), and we wore red-and-yellow shoes. It was FANTABULOUS! See you next post!

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