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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super Mario fan games galay!

Yes, i told you to expect my next post to be about a magic show, but i haven't been able to get around to it.
So, i'm blogging about something else: Mario fan games galaxy! It's, like, the ultimate source of Mario sprites that i use! I use them for all kinds of Mario-related stuff (like my Mario fangame) And i also use it for concept art!
I don't have an account, but i can look on other people's accounts! (For example, A.J. Nitro. He has all sorts of sprites stored in Portable Network Graphic (PNG) and Bitmap (BMP) formats. But only sprites.) By the way, do not click on anything made by Mageker or CyberwolvJV. They will be in quicktime and you won't be able to use them. Update: I just discovered the secret to using Mageker and CyberwolfJV's sprites: if you have an outdated version of quicktime, it'll open as PNG.
Update again: I discovered the real way to fix it--don't use Google Chrome.

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