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Sunday, September 27, 2009

my mario fangame

i'm going to start a mario fangame, and i need fan ideas. i have a lot of ideas, for example, being able to throw bombs, but i need 25 ideas...for example, what will a good powerup be like? i'm having trouble deciding on some stuff. i have some good pipe systems and new powerups, but got any sprite sheets, or...uh...concept art? i have this Mario spritesheet, but i seem to be missing some. so when you visit my blog, please post a comment to help me!


Marnae said...

Caleb, here are some ideas for scenarios:
1. Rain forest
2. The moon
3. Under the ocean
4. In the Arctic
5. In a jungle
6. On a safari
7. In a cave
8. On a treasure hunt
9. In an air balloon

Friple said...

Niiiice...i guess there will be 11 worlds.